Saturday, December 09, 2006

Council election campaign starts at educational Institutes.

Council election campaign starts at educational institutes

The staff at most educational institutions in the city is busy enrolling their names for the ensuing Legislative Council elections. Teachers from the city, Ranga Reddy and Mahbubnagar districts can elect one MLC. Distribution of Form-19 to register in the voters list is a hot property. In several schools, one person gets the forms and the rest get busy filling it up. The staff has also taken to enrol the parents of students as voters for the graduates constituency. Parents with degree qualification are being handed over Form-18 when they come to drop their children or pay the fees. At some schools, the parent-teacher meetings have turned into awareness campaigns.Elections are being held after two years, so we are trying to create awareness among the public about the elections, said A representative of private schools association. Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy and Mahbubnagar districts together have one graduates and one teachers constituency. The response till now had been poor, with returning officers having so far received only 942 applications for the graduates constituency and 350 applications for the teachers constituency. We request the public to submit the applications as early as possible without waiting till December 15th [the last date], G. Ravibabu, additional commissioner (estates) of MCH.

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