Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MLC Contestant Rajasekhar: "I'm A Sympathizer to Congress"

MLC Contestant Rajasekhar: "I'm A Sympathizer to Congress"

Rajasekhar Reddy Allipuram is the graduate MLC contestant from Hyderabad, RR District and Mehboobnagar. He shares his views to the special bureau of answering for various queries.
What is your academic qualification and what you do now?

I belong to RR District and I did my Engineering from CBIT. After my studies, I worked for about 4 years in USA and presently working in a software company in Hyderabad.

What pushed you towards politics?
My father was a government school Head Master and he was also the leader for his teachers Union. Since, childhood I got exposed service and leadership inspiring from my father. Marri Chenna Reddy was also a kin for our family and that added to my inclination towards politics. I'm also running a job portal to facilitate the unemployed youngsters. As the AP is becoming bicameral with the induction of MLCs, I decided to contest for it

Why MLC?

I have service motive and for that I wish to build my political career. I don't say that politics is the only way for service. But certainly, one can serve the society in a better way with political power in hand.

What service you intend to do?
My concern is for the woes of unemployed youth, NGOs, government employees, students, graduate unemployed among women and intellectual upliftment of society. I have schemes for all my concerns and I wish to implement for the betterment of everyone. I'm also planning for 'Center For Excellency' to facilitate enthusiastic youth go abroad for further studies, bringing affiliations to various esteemed international universities, supporting senior citizens in getting their pensions in time and many more. Everything is on paper indeed.

Many have been commenting that you are contesting for MLC for fame and earn big. What is your comment?
(Laughs) I have many things to do if at all I need fame or money.

What an MLC can do better than an MLA?

All MLCs are not supported by political parties. Even I'm not contesting from any political party. I'm coming forward as an independent contestant from graduate constituency. So, I'll be an exclusive person for graduates, government employees, NGOs, students, senior citizens and all.
You say that you have Congress connections? Why do you contest independently?
I'm only a sympathizer of Congress. I like their ideologies. But it doesn't mean that I need to contest as Congressman!

How do you canvass now?

Many do not know about MLC elections. There are about 36 lakh graduates in Hyderabad, Mehboobnagar and RR District. But only 40,000 graduates have registered as voters in 1st phase. My motive is to educate the people on this line and make maximum graduates get registered as voters. I'm reaching almost 2,00,000 graduates through websites, mobile SMS and in person. I have been meeting various HR managers of software companies and conveying the need and necessity to elect an MLC. I'm also informing the dates of election as well. I feel it as social responsibility to bring awareness on this election. The directions to get registered are given in

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