Monday, March 26, 2007

Dr. Nageshwar: Winner of MLC elections from HYD-RR-MBNR Graduates Constituency

Counting for MLC elections finished early morning today. I stood in12th poistion among 57 contestants from Hyderabad-Ranga Reddy-MahbubNagar Graduates Constituency.

Dr. Nageshwar, Journalism Professor from OU managed to win theelections silently. He had support from CPI/CPM party as well assupport from several trade unions and employee unions. Though therewere several contestants spent more than crore rupees they could notmake an impact in the elections. Atlast Voters has proved that theyare the "KINGS". With his election tag line " Money Power or MindPower - Medhavula Sabhaku Medhavulanu Pampandi" Dr Nageswar hasproved that Mind Power is superior than Money Power

The following is the Top 12 candidates.

1. Dr. Nageshwar
2. PL Srinivas
3. GR Karunakar
4. Yennam Srinivas Reddy
5. AVN Reddy
6. VN Reddy
7. Jagapathi Rao
8. Gopala Krishna
10 Hyder Ali
9 Lakshmaiah
11 Kolla Venkata Rao
12 Allipuram Rajsekhar Reddy
13.U Anajaneyulu and others followed.

Over all it has been a great learning experience for me and I am sure I will carry forward the same enthusiasm further. Being theyoungest contestant and only one from Software Industry, I was appreciated by all Contestants, Election Commission and Peoplefor taking initation to contest, following all the rules andregulations of Election Commission and spending very less amount for the elections.


డా.వి.ఆర్ . దార్ల said...

మీ సహృదయత మీరిచ్చిన విశ్లేషణలో కనిపిస్తుంది. ఓడిపోయినా గెలిచిన వారిని అభినందించిన మిమ్మల్ని అభినందిస్తున్నాను

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