Monday, March 19, 2007

MLC Elections: Thank you one and all !!!

I wish you and your family members a happyUGADI. Polling for MLC elections for Hyderabad-Ranga Reddy-MahbubNagar Constituency happened on 17th. Elections went on peacefully. About 1.10 lakh voters have utlised their vote in the election among2.12 lakh graduate voters.

As you all know that I have contested fromthe same constituency. I was the youngest among all MLC contestantsand only one from IT industry who took initiation to contest in the elections. I have made a great imapact in the elections by spending very less amount and utlised all the resources like Internet, email,word of mouth, SMS, friends, well wishers and Media.

Special thanks to all my friends for helping me in whatever possible way they could.Especially I would like to Thank few people who really helped me to the greatextent.

My special thanks goes to Thirupathi Reddy, Sudhakar, Brahmanand , Santosh Reddy, Rakesh , Kishore, Rahul , Sudhakar Reddy, Madhav Reddy, Dinesh Reddy, Praveen Reddy, Ravinder , Jagan Reddy, Malla Reddy, Venkat, Ramakrishna , Jayachandra Reddy, Challa Reddy, Sankar Reddy Bandi, Sharath Vemula, VijayBhaskar Reddy, Srinivas Reddy Thota, Ramana Reddy Mekala, Bharath , Srimant, Ravi Mayreddy, Ranjeeth, Pradeep Reddy Patlolla, Gopi Reddy Sirineni,Venkat Reddy of GreatAndhra, Venkat Reddy of Alex Construction, Srinivas Rao, Sudhakar Seelam, Raghu Papsani and other friends and supports have been helping me a lot for the last 4 months.

Thanks to the people who have contributed for my election campiagn costsespecially- Krishna Reddy who have provided with Car + Petrol + Driver- Ramakrishna Reddy of JMD Real Estate for sponsoring the leaflets and donatingRs.10000 for election expenses- Venkat Reddy for sponsoring the visiting Cards- Srinivas Reddy thota of ReddyPariwar for taking care of all the Printingrelated responsibilities-

Srinivas Reddy of for his financial and physicalsupport. He sponsored Tv9 Scrolls and helped me to paste the posters in OU andTranaka region.

- Monetary Contributions from Ramakrishna Reddy, Thirupathi Reddy, Arvind Reddy,Prashant Reddy, Venkat Reddy(EG), Ramana Reddy Munagala, RamanaReddy(AUSTRALIA), Gopi Reddy Sirineni, Pradeep Reddy, Ganesh Gella of Microsoft,Venugopal Reddy, Laxman Reddy, Guda Sidharth Reddy, Satyapal Reddy, PreethamReddy, Ravikiran Reddy (UK) and several others. I will send the detailed list inthe next email.- Web Banner ads help by Venkat Reddy(, Bitra Nageswararao(, Prasad Kunisetty(,, Media, advertisment and print support by Thota Srinivas Reddy

The counting will be held on 25th at Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy Stadium,Yusufguda, Hyderabad from 8 AM onwards. I would request all of you to be there.Once again, thank you to one and all whoever helped me in this whole electionprocess. This is a great learning experience and I am sure this is going to help me in the future in varius ways..


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Anonymous said...

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