Thursday, February 15, 2007

MLC Elections: 21st February Wednesday, 2007 Its nominations time !

As MLC elections(Legislative Council-Shasana Mandali) Notification has come, I am planning to file my nomination on 21st, February, 2007in between 11-11.55 AM. As you all are aware, I am contesting from Hyderabad-Ranga Reddy-Mahbub Nagar graduates MLC Constituency.

Date & Time: 21st February Wednesday, 2007

Location: MCH office Ground Floor, Near Liberty HyderabadHence I request you all to be present at the time of nominations timeand show our strength.Now its time for all of us to spend some more time for me to campaignand spread the word about my candidature to all yourfriends/relatives/elders/parents/government employees/teachers/voters

MLC VOTER LIST LINKS ( you can search for voter name) ( PDF files of allDistricts)

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reddyonline said...

Please elect and select Allipuram Rajasekhar reddy by giving your first choice votes at the first name in ballot paper by writing (1) against the SL.No 1.