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Schedule:Elections to the Legislative Council of Andhra Pradesh by MLAs, for Local Authorities' Constituencies and Graduates` & Teachers` Constituenci

The Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council Act, 2005 was passed on 11-01-2006 paving way for the constitution of a new Legislative Council in the State after a gap of nearly 20 years, comprising of 90 members - 31 to be elected by MLAs, 31 to be elected from Local Authorities’, 8 from Graduates’ and 8 from Teachers’ Constituencies and the remaining 12 members to be nominated by the Governor. For holding elections from the Local Authorities’, Graduates’ and Teachers’ Constituencies, the Constituencies were required to be delimited first and then the electoral rolls for the Constituencies prepared. Required data for this purpose was obtained from the State Govt. and analyzed. A meeting was held on 6-9-06 with the political parties of the State to have their views in the matter before finalizing the Delimitation Order which was notified by the President on 26-9-06 and work relating to preparation of rolls started immediately thereafter.

Whereas all the 8 Graduates’ and 8 Teachers’ Constituencies are single member constituencies,out of the 23 Local Authorities’ Constituencies of the State, the following eight are double member constituencies making the total seats from these Constituencies thirty one (31): -
(1) Visakhapatnam Local Authorities’, (2) East Godavari Local Authorities’, (3) West Godavari Local Authorities’, (4) Krishna Local Authorities’, (5) Guntur Local Authorities’, (6) Chittoor Local Authorities’, (7) Anantapur Local Authorities’, and (8) Hyderabad Local Authorities’.

The Commission is consistently following the policy of holding elections to the Local Authorities’ Constituencies only when seventy five percent of the constituent local bodies and again seventy five percent of the total electorate in each local authorities’ constituency are in existence.

As far as Hyderabad Local Authorities’ and Ranga Reddy Local Authorities’ constituencies are concerned, the term of Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad is expiring on 10-02-07 resulting in virtual non-existence of total electorate in that constituency and the electors in position with respect to Ranga Reddy Local Authorities’ Constituency are only about 63% as on date which is against the policy of the holding elections from such constituencies.

In view of this, the Commission has decided not to hold elections for the three seats from these two Local Authorities’ Constituencies (two seats from Hyderabad LAC and one from Ranga Reddy LAC) till the strength of their members as well as local bodies in position are 75% or more. Now, as the rolls have finally been published in all the Graduates’ and Teachers’
constituencies, the Commission has decided to hold the elections to fill up all the remaining 75 seats in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council i.e. 8 from Graduates’ Constituencies, 8 from Teachers’ Constituencies, 28 from Local Authorities’ Constituencies (barring the two Local Authorities Constituencies of Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy) and 31 seats of Members to be elected by MLAs as per the programme given in the Annexure.

The term of the members elected at the above elections shall be determined after the completion of the elections, in accordance with the provisions of Section 156(1) of the Representation of the People Act,1951.


Issue of Notification: 15-02-07 (Thursday)
Last Date for Nominations: 22-02- 07 (Thursday)
Scrutiny: 23-02-07(Friday)
Last date for withdrawal: 26-02-07 (Monday)
Date of Poll: 17-03-07 (Saturday)
Counting on: 23-03-07 (Friday)
Date before which election shall be completed: 26-03-07 (Monday)

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